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Reconciliation Concert

Forgiven and Free – Art Lucier and the Reviver band

The Rising Eagle Reconciliation Concert at the LaFarge Lake Amphitheatre, Coquitlam July 7, 2017 at 7pm

This will be a free concert featuring the anointed music of Art Lucier and the Reviver band. It will involve church leaders and First Nation elders. The event will include apologies, speeches, celebrations, music and dance.

Our desired outcome in hosting this event is to help our community participate in the ongoing work of reconciliation in hope that we will enter a new era of respect, cooperation, trust and friendship between the First Peoples of this region and the church.
We hope the impact of this event will bring hope and healing to many in our community. As the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report states: “Together, Canadians must do more than just talk about reconciliation; we must learn how to practice reconciliation.

”We want to use the marker of Canada’s 150th birthday to acknowledge the past and to celebrate the work of reconciliation that has been done to date, including the apology of the federal government, the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the numerous actions and efforts of many others. This is the time to reflect on our past, celebrate the progress we have made as well as to strive toward a more inclusive reconciliation for our future.

The Rising Eagle Reconciliation Concert will carry forward the work that has begun. It is time for the church to rise up and give leadership to restore the important relationship between the church and First Nations. As church leaders, we want to take responsibility for the historical role the church has played by their actions and their silence and give Christians in this region the opportunity to engage with the First Peoples.

We believe there will be a profound spiritual impact on the churches and on the First Peoples. The power of heartfelt apology and forgiveness is immense. As the church takes responsibility for their failing in the past and as First Peoples are empowered to embrace forgiveness, a release of the power and presence of God will be the result. The enemies of God who have kept the First Peoples in bondage and the church limited, will be vanquished. Thus there will be a new freedom for the church and for the First Nations in this region. We are committed to creating a more inclusive community and ongoing partnerships among these groups which we anticipate, will be accompanied by a great blessing from the Father.

For the purpose of this project, we have brought together a gifted and committed team of leaders called the Rising Eagle Organization. We are inviting others in our community to join us in partnership to accomplish these inspiring goals.

Concert Itinerary

The Rising Eagle Reconciliation Concert will include:

  • Welcome and Opening Message – Pastor Anena Simpson
  • Apology to the First Nations of Canada
  • Prayer for Reconciliation
  • Music – featuring Art Lucier and the Reviver band – with special guest Brian Houston
  • Message – featuring our guest speaker Kenny Blacksmith
  • More Music

A note from our founder

This event began with God dropping the idea into my heart.

It is my people, my Christian tribe, who committed massacres, murders, segregation, child abductions, abuse, theft and cultural genocide. Some of my ancestors in the faith perpetuated these crimes, others watched in silence and indifference. We failed as humans, and more profoundly we failed as followers of the way of Jesus. This is not His way.

I believe it is time to seek forgiveness and blessing from the Fist People of Canada.

As a pastor in the Tri-cities, I am inviting all pastors, church leaders and Christians to join me in apologizing to the First People of this land. In ourselves we don`t even have the right to apologize for what we have done. But there was a Son who died for our sins, and on the basis of his sacrifice and his provision for forgiveness, we seek forgiveness.

We have reached out to the First People in our area and they have been very gracious and kind and plan to attend this event and give us the opportunity to express our repentance for the past and desire for reconciliation for our future.

It is my hope that this concert and apology will be more than a gesture. It will be a step towards a new relationship between the church and the First People – one that is based in honour and respect for the First People of this land.

I know we have a long way to go. But one step at a time, we can continue to move forward in expressions and acts of reconciliation. I believe that in so doing the people and the land will be healed and God will hear our prayers.

With the help of family and friends, church and community leaders and the participating First People, the Rising Eagle Reconciliation Concert will become a reality.

I hope you will join us.

Let`s Embrace Reconciliation! Let’s embrace Freedom!

Anena Simpson


Rising Eagle Organization


Click Here for Google map  and directions to LaFarge Lake Amphitheatre, Coquitlam.

The LaFarge Lake Amphitheatre is accessible by taking the footpaths from the parking areas.

Our Sponsors

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors – individuals, churches, charities and businesses. Every contribution has helped make this event a reality !

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